Q&A: How many hours should I devote to my new VA business?

Q&A: How many hours should I devote to my new VA business?

If you’re a mom and you want to start a virtual assistant side hustle, one of your top questions might be, 'how do I make this work?' You might be wondering how to juggle family, personal time, and this exciting new venture. One of the burning questions is always, “How many hours do I need to set aside to get my VA business off the ground?”

Keep in mind, that this varies based on your lifestyle but here's what worked for me.

A Gentle Start: 5-10 Hours a Week

Starting a VA business doesn’t mean you need to dive in headfirst and get overwhelmed. In fact, as little as 5-10 hours a week can be a great starting point. It’s all about quality, not quantity. These initial hours can be spent on setting up your business, connecting with potential clients, and offering your services the first few weeks. After that initial period, you'll want to focus what little time you have on income producing tasks (outside of actual client work).

Breaking Down the Hours

Wondering how to make the most out of those 5-10 hours? Here’s a little breakdown:

  • 1-2 Hours on Learning: Stay updated with the latest tools and trends in the VA world.
  • 2-3 Hours on Networking: Connect with potential clients and fellow VAs. Remember, your network is your net worth!
  • 2-3 Hours on Client Work: Delivering exceptional service is the cornerstone of a successful VA business.
  • 1-2 Hours on Marketing: Let the world know about your amazing skills and services.

Balancing Act

Being a mom and starting a VA business is indeed a balancing act. But guess what? It’s absolutely doable. When you combine time management and a dash of passion, you can nurture your family and watch your VA business grow. And who knows, those 5-10 hours can gradually expand as you carve your niche in the virtual world.

Crafting Your Packages

A word of caution. It’s easy to fall into the ‘trading hours for dollars’ trap, but we want to avoid that by offering packages. You provide services based on value and results, not just time. It’s a win-win - clients appreciate the clarity, and you enjoy the flexibility.

So, there you have it! Starting a VA business doesn’t require you to clock in endless hours. It’s about smart work, not hard work. Focus on creating value-packed packages, nurture your skills, and remember - every big journey begins with the first small step. Your dream of becoming a VA while being an amazing mom is not just a possibility; it’s a forthcoming reality!

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